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What I Really Want is a fourweek series designed to help middle schoolers recognize, understand, resist, and deal with temptation in their lives. This can be a tricky subject to navigate in this phase, as middle schoolers may not even be aware they’re being tempted at this point. And if they are, their ability to regulate and find the self-control to resist can be challenging. That’s why the goal of this series isn’t just to help them fight against temptation; it’s also to help them build the ability to see temptation for what it is when it’s happening and give them the tools they need to choose God’s best instead.

Growing up is far from easy, and keeping a steady relationship with God is just as difficult. 

We want to help!

We are not scared of your questions but will instead answer them with honesty. 

Summer Sundays

6th Grade - 12th Grade

Sundays 6-8pM

Is a place for students to see their friends through the summer. Fun activities each week make this a great time to invite a friend or meet somebody new.

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