Follow Groups

What is a Follow Group?

Follow Groups are groups of people who are gathering together in order to work together as they grow in their faith. The point of a Follow Group is life transformation. We understand that follow a Christian lifestyle takes more than simply attending a Sunday morning service. Follow Groups are designed to take us to the next level.

What happens at a Follow Group meeting?

The main point of a Follow Group meeting is checking in on how everyone is doing spiritually. You will walk away each week with a set of challenges to accomplish and questions to think over. Like we said above, the goal of Follow Groups is life transformation, and that takes work. If you are willing to put the work in, you will see God begin to mold who you are.

Why should I join a Follow Group?

Life Transformation. We can't promise you anything. We can only tell you what we have experienced. We trust that God is working in each of us. One of the great things about Follow Groups is that they are more than just a social event. You don't need us to plan your social life. We are here to help disciple you. If you are interested in that, then Follow Groups are for you.

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